Current Software Quickies


What is it?

Actually a quickie is a short but complete sample on a problem found while developing software. During each projects development it is necessary to evaluate technologies - believing the documentation or even find it is not so straight forward all the times. This includes a couple of steps and hopefully leads to some solution which ends up as code in the project. As a side effect some experience is gathered on specific topics which lead to a better understanding. Actually this does not mean that secrets are revealed: most of the time information is simple collected from different sources to create the big picture on one hot spot. A quickie tries to make this experience available. It definitly will not produce a out-of-the-box solution for a problem - perhaps from some quickies library packages are developped which do so but this is not the primary intention.

I'll take no warranty on anything you find here. Read it and before you use it: try it yourself to get the understanding necessary to embed it in your code.


Current List:

Providing Internet Zone Security for local .NET Controls


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