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This web site is preliminary. It includes some of my personal software projects. All stuff found here can be used as is without any warrenty - for non-commercial purposes only. For some software full source code with partial or full documentation is included. You may contact me using this E-Mail address.


Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB)

Home Page

VCR.NET Recording Service


.NET Plug-In Wizard for Watch TV Pro

Although initiated when I worked on the DVB stuff quite a different topic.


DVD Authoring

MPEG2Enc encoding Provider for Cuttermaran.


Interactive Fiction/Text Adventure

There is only very few information on this because it's quite old stuff.


Software Quickies and Sidebars

List of all current quickies

List of all current side bars


Articles and other written Stuff

About framerate conversion and the quality of DVB(-S) material [German]


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